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When? Where?

Codesprint will take place one day before 7th Jornadas de gvSIG in Valencia (Spain).

  • When: November 29th 2011 (Tuesday)
  • Where: Innova Room at Polytechnic University of Valencia, kindly provided by ai2 institute (Thanks!!)
  • Time: 08:00 start. 20:00 end
  • How to come:
    • Coming by Tram: Lines 4 and 6, SerrerĂ­a
    • Coming by Bus: Lines 1 and 41

Foto CodeSprint 2010

What is a CodeSprint?

The idea is to gather in one place gvSIG developers and community developers, each with a laptop. Target: work together and improve gvSIG!!

Keep in mind that a codesprint is NOT a course to learn to program with gvSIG, but a community work session. If you are not a developer, but you know what compilation means, if eclipse is not an astronomical phenomenon for you... and you feel like learning, you can also attend.

How we will work on the CodeSprint session?

The participants themselves decide chatted and in-situ which is what interests us, what is more operational and accordingly we will work together until we get tired or until we throw.

It is very likely to work in groups, depending on how many experts gvSIG attend. We hope that the organization is as enjoyable as possible for everyone!

Perhaps this session will leave a lot of new ideas, bugfixes, code optimizations, new features, etc.. In addition we will meet other developers, learn tricks of the core developers, etc.

Are you interested in attending?

  • Raise your head and say hi here (preferably on the gvSIG Devel list)
  • Discuss about what you expect of the CodeSprint
  • Send me a private mail (jsanz at gvsig dot com) with your name and ID number (for net access) and I will answer you with the password to edit the wiki page
  • Come with your laptop!!

Also IRC-Channel

During the codesprint will have people that will be connected to the chat gvSIG. The data to access the chat are:

  • Server:
  • Channel: #gvsig

IRC-Channel will be the point of physical communication between participants and also for those who want to join the codesprint, but can not enjoy coming to Valencia.

The chat will be available for doubts, seek advice and help, make suggestions and proposals, give moral support to developers, etc..


Just write your name at Attendants.

changed November 24, 2011